Zonk! Red Skullz

This weeks Zonk! Outift is Red Skullz. Its pretty cools with red skullz that almost look like they are glowing. There is a cool cluster of the skullz on the back of the shirt as well (not shown). Comes in kid, yabu and toddleedoo sizes.


Zonk! November Hunts

Zonk! Is in two hunts for November. The Duchess Kids hunt ” Star Struck” and The Sparkles and Giggles Hunt “Harry Potter 3”. Here is what you can get from Zonk!

Star Struck Hunt
Zonk! Punk Tux- Walk the Red carpet in punk style. In yabu, toddleedoo and kid size.

Harry Potter 3 Hunt
Zonk! Zombie Potter-Harry Potter never looked so good. In kid, toddleeoo and yabu sizes.

NGI 2012 Halloween Outfit

Its the Official NGI 2012 Halloween Outfit brought to you by Zonk! It comes in Yabu, Toddleedoo, Kid, and teen/adult sizes. This fundraising outfit is only 75L and all moneys made go to help Next Gen Inc Adoptions. You can get yours at NGI or at Zonk!

Next Gen Inc: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Youth%20Quake/75/129/22

Zonk! Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Youth%20Quake/121/189/22